I have lived my whole life in the 34th District. My childhood years were spent in East Hampton on Tartia Road and I moved to Moodus in 1986. Three years later, I graduated from Nathan Hale-Ray High School and have called this area home ever since. I pledge to work hard for my community - every day. It is truly an honor to be your Representative in the 34th District and your voice in the State Capitol. I cannot thank you enough for your continued support!

I am proud of my service to this district. I have attained a 100% voting record and in 2013 obtained a 96% rating from a well known environmental group. I continue to call for decreased government spending, relief to business owners and support for local education decision making.

Have questions? Call me directly at (860) 615-9885 or the Hartford office at (800) 842-1423. You can also contact me through my 2014 re-election campaign website www.melissaziobron.com or my official state website www.repziobron.com.

Follow me on my daily journey as I give you an inside look into our district, various community events and local business news. You can find those social media links below to the right.


A Few Photos from the Weekend!

At Colchester Farmer's Market

Hike 4 Hope in East Hampton

Colchester Hayward Fire Museum

Shrek cast from YPCCA production!
( Disclaimer!! I have not been endorsed by Pinocchio, Princess Fiona, Lord Farquaad, Donkey, or Shrek)
** for the latest campaign updates, please visit my website: www.melissaziobron.com 



Hi Everyone!

I have been blogging here for almost 3 years. Since that time, this site has had over 25,000 views and I have been able to update you on issues affecting the district in a timely way. That won't change!

Over the next few months I will be learning a new platform for posting. The good news is that now all my posts will be in one place: my website! Please visit www.melissaziobron.com to view the latest from the campaign. All my social media sites are there, including helpful links and other items you have found here.

This won't be the last post, but I will not be posting here like I have in the past. Go to my website and continue the journey with me! We have more work to do!

Grateful for your support,


Ziobron Videos

I am so lucky to have some pretty great kids! My oldest daughter Brittany made a campaign video for me and it is great. I posted on You Tube and realized I had other videos there that you might be interested in, as well. One of those was my FIRST interview and debate in my previous election. I watched it last night and am pretty proud to report that I accomplished many of the things I pledged to do! So, below are links to a variety of those videos. Enjoy!

2014 Re-Election Campaign Video
Click Here

2014 Face the State Appearance
Entire Face the State Interview
Shortened Version: Face the State

2013 Fighting for State Parks
Click Here

2012 First Interview/Debate with Opponent
Part One
Part Two