I have lived my whole life in the 34th District. My childhood years were spent in East Hampton on Tartia Road and I moved to Moodus in 1986. Three years later, I graduated from Nathan Hale-Ray High School and have called this area home ever since. I pledge to work hard for my community - every day. It is truly an honor to be your Representative in the 34th District and your voice in the State Capitol. I cannot thank you enough for your continued support!

I am proud of my service to this district. I have attained a 100% voting record two years in a row and in 2013 obtained a 96% rating from a well known environmental group. I continue to call for decreased government spending, relief to business owners and support for local education decision making.

Have questions? Call me directly at (860) 615-9885 or the Hartford office at (800) 842-1423. You can also contact me through my 2014 re-election campaign website www.melissaziobron.com or my official state website www.repziobron.com.

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Honored to Serve

As I write this letter, on the eve of Election Day to everyone in the 34th District, I do not yet know the outcome. I am hopeful for your continued support. And I am also incredibly grateful – both for the opportunity to serve as your State Representative, and to participate in the greatest of our democratic institutions, a free and open election.

Please know that I have been blessed with dozens of hardworking, dedicated and loyal supporters and friends. Many began as strangers three years ago and now are an important part of my family. I can never repay your friendship.

My desire to serve this district is remains incredibly strong. I know that not a day has gone that I have not worked to maintain the honor and trust you have shown me.

I am humbled to have earned the support of countless residents of all political affiliations throughout East Hampton, East Haddam, and Colchester. Many express different reasons for supporting my candidacy. Most often I hear constituents like my open and honest communication, my dedication to our natural resources and state parks, my work ethic, my steadfast desire to limit endless state borrowing and to prioritize our spending, and my continued support of our local business community.

I am proud my positive and issues-orientated campaign. If I am fortunate enough to be re-elected, I look forward to sharing your goals and working to achieve your priorities in Hartford. Thank you for allowing me to be your voice at the Capitol.

State Representative Melissa Ziobron
East Hampton, East Haddam, and part of Colchester


Visit My Website!

Hi Everyone!!

This will be one of my last posts on this site. I will be posting to my website's blog consistently going forward. Please visit: www.melissaziobron.com for updated info.


Bridge Open? On 10/15 Yes!

It has been a LONG spring and summer. The bridge closure on Rte. 82 affected thousands of folks--from neighbors, businesses, area residents, and tourists. But we will all be sharing in a collective sigh, tomorrow night (October 15th) around 5pm when the bridge detour is removed. Not only is this AHEAD of schedule but it is also coming in under budget.

Please be patient as they are still finishing up some site work. The area will be one lane during daytime hours and per contract they will be completely off site by November 15th. Also, you will notice the road is wider at points--please obey the speed limit and drive accordingly.

Thank you to everyone who has worked on the project. A special thank you to DOT staff for sharing updated information with me, so that I could keep my constituents updated through out the project. John Dunn and John DiBiagio have done an amazing job and I want to personally thank them, their staff and ETL Company for their hard work. I may owe John DiBiagio a cup of coffee--so I better deliver that in person before 5pm tomorrow!

Here are some photos from our last open house, held last week.